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this made my crappy dad a good one! it was brilliant! thank you bobyb64

Brewster responds:

no thank you Crossverywell

so what you're saying success is death? i liked it sorta good animation! well done bro

FrostDrive responds:

More like you never really get there.

this is grEAT!

You should make a new version of this with better animation and sound quality

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it was ok

it was ok it could have been alot longer

Wow! When you say cpu crushing, you mean it!!

A survival game with a innovative game mechanism, a moving landscape, in which wave of after wave of the creepily impersonal characters, imagined by Krinkels, do their best to eradicate a character, who JUST won't die. A concept which could've kept fans of the series entertained for hours, unfortunately in its execution, this idea just isn't working. The large number of enemies pouring into the room at any one point and the numeber of bullets flying, around a graphics intensive environment proves to be too much for my and looking at the reviews, other's computers; it results in a lag fest. I made it to level 40, before becoming too frustrated at the unresponsive controls. Finally in games of these sorts, I think that they'd be much more exciting if there was more varied levels, trying to create a bit of flavour in the game, perhaps a bit of plot thrown in would have made this a far better game.


As with any game, there are some little niggles. To make this nearly perfect game be raised to gaugantuin heights, as an example of an indie game that could, you have to knead these little bugs out.
One feature that I would have liked to have seen is the ability to shoot up. Another that could be done was to increase the difficulty of the game, I a C_R_A_P gamer, was able to finish the game with only one death and that was because I had fallen off the platform in round with the last boss. Another is a slightly less sluggish movment speed and also more varied levels, some with puzzle solving and others requiring bursts of adrenaline and others which force you to alter your movements, al la god of war style, with the climbing sections. Perhaps if you make sequal, as is suggested, you could incoporate these and some of the other user's game suggestions, to make a more balanced game.
In terms and art and storyline fantastic, its like Stephen King's The Mist, Dreamcatcher and From a Buick 8, rolled into one and set in the future. Perhaps in all this time, the aliens had been biding their time to start the next wave to conquer the earth. I liked the in game art especially and the flashes as he moves from one dimension to anotehr.

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Wow!! Paint. Superb for the medium

Well Done

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